Jenn gives an exceptional customer experience by connecting with travelers

With over 20 million questions answered so far, Ask Jenn is providing the entire Alaska Airlines community – customers and employees alike – an incredibly efficient and unique self-service experience.

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Customer profile

Since its humble beginnings in 1932, Alaska Airlines has grown from a small regional airline to one of the most respected in the nation. Carrying more than 17 million customers a year, Alaska's route system spans 60 cities and three countries. Its reputation for outstanding service consistently earns top U.S. airline recognition from industry analysts, media and customers alike.

Customer challenge

With the majority of its tickets purchased at, Alaska's website had become the single most popular way for customers to interact with the airline before travelling. Alaska's leadership sought an innovative, self-service web solution that would provide travelers with a personalized, engaging online experience to quickly and accurately connect them with the site's most relevant information.

  • Jenn increased engagement and decreased call-center traffic ahead of schedule
  • Within her first year, she eliminated the need for an online “live chat” function
  • No. 1 option on Contact Us page

Internal challenge

The measure and complexity of information accumulating at the foundation of Alaska Airlines' knowledge base carried the potential of creating a productivity bottleneck that could threaten the speed and accuracy of customer service. Alaska also sought a solution that simplified the navigation of internal information, bridging the gap between their employees and the answers they need to provide exceptional customer service.

The Alme platform solution

Using Alme, our multi-modal, multi-channel, multi-language platform, Next IT developed an extremely accurate and cost-effective solution that answered both external and internal informational challenges. In 2008, Next IT collaborated with Alaska Airlines to launch an intelligent virtual assistant named Jenn at and Super Jenn within their internal systems. The impact on both internal and external users has been immediate, proving Alme’s effectiveness in a multi-channel business environment. Alaska Airlines and Next IT continue to explore deeper ways to utilize the Alme technology across more of Alaska's service landscape.

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