SGT STAR helps potential recruits learn about Army life

The U.S. Army is made up of the best-trained, most dedicated, most respected soldiers in the world – protecting America's freedoms at home and abroad, securing our homeland and defending democracy worldwide.

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Customer challenge

The technological savvy of today's Army recruit is astounding, presenting a unique challenge for the U.S. Army to find new ways to connect with this increasingly mobile generation. In response, the U.S. Army's online and mobile presence is challenged to become a crucial element in the Army's recruiting and communications strategy. The U.S. Army's leadership sought a self-service solution to provide users with a personalized, engaging online experience that quickly and accurately connects users with the most relevant information.

  • SGT STAR has an over 94% accuracy rate
  • Answered over 16 million questions to date
  • The first IVA in the industry to answer questions on Facebook
  • Increased average user engagement time from 4 minutes to 10.4 minutes
  • The first IVA to answer questions by voice or text on mobile devices
  • Only 3% of questions asked to SGT STAR resulted in live chat

The Alme platform solution

SGT STAR is built on the Alme platform, the most trusted natural language technology available for enterprises, which allows users to interact on their terms – on the web or on smart devices.


In 2006, the U.S. Army partnered with Next IT to launch a 6'1", no nonsense, straight-talking intelligent virtual assistant named SGT STAR at The impact on was immediate, proving Next IT’s ability to improve the engagement, adoption and effectiveness of the self-service web. SGT STAR is able to engage users in a way that is both personal and accurate – fielding common questions about pay, ROTC benefits and discreetly answering more awkward or intimate questions about male/female living conditions or paternity leave. SGT STAR has become the face of Army recruiting, with a viral popularity that is even spreading outside of the U.S.


Making its debut on the Google Play Store in December of 2012 and later joining the App Store in July of 2014, the downloadable SGT STAR app gives users the ability to have true conversations with SGT STAR using their voice, along with touch. The SGT STAR app has already received significant media coverage, positive user reviews and, most importantly, is making it easier than ever for recruits to explore Army life anytime and anywhere.


In a 2010 industry-first application, SGT STAR gained the ability to talk with users on Facebook. When users are talking with SGT STAR on the website, they can also post his responses directly to their Facebook page.

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