Ask BECU is there to assist members

With assets of more than $10.8 billion and over 800,000 members, BECU (Boeing Employees' Credit Union) is the largest credit union in Washington and one of the top four financial cooperatives in the United States. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative serving state of Washington residents, BECU is owned by its members, with its earnings returned to its members in the form of better interest rates and lower fees for services.

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Customer challenge

The amount of information inundating BECU's internal knowledge base challenged their commitment to providing the best value and service to its members. BECU sought a solution that simplified the navigation of internal information, bridging the gap between their employees and the answers they need to exceed their service standards.

The Alme platform solution

With Alme, the most trusted natural language technology available for enterprises, Next IT provided a solution to address BECU's internal informational challenges. In 2007, BECU partnered with Next IT to launch Ask BECU, an intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) who supports employees with accurate, relevant and user-centric answers to their questions, allowing them to uphold exceptional service standards. The results were spectacular, proving Alme’s effectiveness in solving the challenges of the information bottleneck and ensuring higher levels of user and customer satisfaction.

With the value of their internal-facing IVA proven, BECU made the decision to create a member-facing version. Launched in August 2010, the new, non-avatar-based IVA is there to assist members: whether they're searching for branch locations, wondering how to order a new debit card, or looking for information on how to obtain a car loan, Ask BECU quickly puts the right resources at their fingertips.

Member service innovation

In May of 2012, BECU implemented Next IT’s Alme to help BECU members reconnect to their accounts. BECU is the first organization to implement this new offering, showing that they are truly an organization that puts their members first.

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