Boost Customer Experience (CX) with Intelligence

How to maximize voice and digital channels by offering intelligent experiences that directly impact profit

Today’s business leaders are keeping customer experience at the heart of every business decision and with good reason – a good customer experience directly impacts your bottom line. 

By empowering every customer interaction with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) technology, enterprises extend touchpoints across channels, offering a better self-service experience that’s conversational, contextual and predictive. 

In this FAQ-guide, Intelligent Solutions for Customer Engagement, you’ll learn:

  • Why companies are turning to intelligent technology solutions to improve CX
  • How IVR and IVAs (or chatbots) deliver personalized, instant and scalable service across channels
  • How companies are using both IVR and IVA technology together to boost CX and support their workforce
  • Enterprise and user benefits with client results 

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About Next IT - A Verint Company

Next IT is the provider of conversational AI systems for the Global 5000. We propel businesses into the intelligence revolution with AI technologies that are enterprise ready on day one.

Our customers and strategic partners use our technology to build business-first AI solutions that put them a step ahead of their competition. By combining a proven cognitive platform with an advanced toolset spanning NLP, NLG, machine learning, and conversation analysis, we ensure that every enterprise succeeds with AI now and in the future.