Intelligent Virtual Assistants for Payers

A Get Started Guide

As technology advancements raise consumer expectations, payers are seeking new solutions to transform their member services strategy. Conversational, AI-based intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are a trusted, innovative and secure way for payers to engage consumers, provide personalized service and automate many necessary yet time-consuming processes.

Check out our new FAQ-style guide to learn how to advance your organization with AI technology and extend a concierge-like experience to each and every consumer. 

In this Get Started GuideIntelligent Virtual Assistants for Payers, you’ll learn:

  • About intelligent virtual assistant technology and its rise in popularity
  • How payers are using intelligent virtual assistants, including:
    • Plan selection
    • Enrollment guidance
    • Claim and prescription assistance 
    • Proactive messaging
    • Billing and collections
    • Wellness assessments and more
  • How intelligent virtual assistants impact business value
  • What you can do to get started (it’s easier than you may think)

The way you think about member services is a “bot” to change.

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