The Methodology Series

Your smart-buyer’s guide to purchasing AI for the enterprise

With over a decade of experience helping large enterprises find the AI solution that fits their unique needs, the experts at Next IT are here to help you make the right AI decision for your business in 2018. This eBook series outlines specific methods you can use to pinpoint what you need in an intelligent assistant (IA), how to prepare your team for implementation, and how to set yourself up for success with a system that grows the revenue of your enterprise for years to come.

The three-part series includes: 

  • Volume I: Characteristics of the Successful Intelligent Assistant
  • Volume II: Creating the Successful Intelligent Assistant
  • Volume III: Maintaining the Successful Intelligent Assistant

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About Next IT

Next IT is a Verint company, providing conversational AI systems for the Global 5000. We propel businesses into the intelligence revolution with AI technologies that are enterprise ready on day one.

Our customers and strategic partners use our technology to build business-first AI solutions that put them a step ahead of their competition. By combining a proven cognitive platform with an advanced toolset spanning NLP, NLG, machine learning, and conversation analysis, we ensure that every enterprise succeeds with AI now and in the future.