From integrations to APIs and connectors, Alme enables you to grow and scale in the direction you need.


Whether an app, chat, IVA, IVR or messaging bot, we deliver our intelligence to any endpoint, in any language on Earth. Your customers live in a multi-channel world, so that’s where we live, too.


Enterprise-grade, proven architecture ensures Alme supports you and your business without a hiccup.

Here’s what sets Alme apart:

  • Human-like dialogue

    Alme is able to guarantee accuracy and consistency with digital dialogue that’s powered by a proprietary engine smart enough to ask questions, clarify intent and engage in two-way conversations that flow naturally and delight users.

  • Precision machine learning

    Implementation and refinement shouldn't be a wild goose chase. To ensure a continually improving experience, Alme's machine learning (ML) algorithms help target prime areas for knowledge-base expansion.

  • WYSIWYG interaction design

    Anyone can use Alme’s response and recommendation training tool. No experience needed. Your employees can (and should) build Alme’s language models. We put the tools to design in your hands, so you can own the digital experience.

  • Trusted personalization

    Alme’s next-generation personalization engine dynamically integrates data from your systems to know each user as well as you do. Knowing a name is one thing, but the local weather, account history, open tickets, net promoter score and more is quite another.

  • Pre-configured industry products

    Experience matters, and Next IT has experience and data from more A.I. conversations than any other provider. We create products for specific industries that understand your ontologies and are ready to roll for quick ROI.

  • Cut to the chase

    Take action on behalf of your users with intelligent form completion that mines each interaction for relevant details and understands when to ask for missing information or clarify in order to execute. The best A.I. doesn’t make your customers repeat themselves.

  • Smooth operator

    Alme understands when users aren’t finding what they need and elegantly redirects them to related content or the proper live professional. We document the opportunity to add more knowledge and alert you accordingly.

  • BI-grade report cards

    Alme has real-world conversations with your users. Conversations that inform beyond the interactions and conversions. We give you a high-resolution understanding of insights, motivations and preferences that extends across your business to help drive success and growth. Alme is the most transparent intelligence on the market.

  • All systems working together

    Alme aggregates relevant information to and from your systems of record, like CRM systems, knowledge bases and secure accounts. We’re not afraid of on-premise systems or private clouds, and we don’t need to hide in the shadows of IT either. Compatibility means profitability.

  • Unmatched experience

    No provider of intelligent interface technology has completed more successful implementations for Fortune 1000 companies, and our clients continue to win innovation awards for A.I. technology we built that’s been working for ten years.